5 Steps to prepare the best Job Video Applications

You are in an era where the digital media is overpowering everything. To keep yourself up to date you have to make sure that you are going with the flow. Nowadays people are trying out different methods to attract the recruiters. Making video applications is a new way which is totally different from that of the traditional paper CVs. Wondering how to make a video application for applying to job? Read on.


Steps to be followed

Here are some of the steps which you can follow to prepare the best video CV or resume for applying to job.

  • Do the planning

Before shooting you have to plan properly. Planning where to shoot, what to wear while shooting, whether to sit or stand etc are very important. So you have to make a proper planning. It is better to wear something formal. Video application is done mainly to represent your professional side where your personalities and skills will be shown directly to the employer.

  • Prepare a script

Preparing a script before shooting Video Applications is very important. It is important to make a script where you will make a chart and include all points that you have to mention in your CV. This includes your studies, experiences, skills, job background, and your willingness in certain fields and at the end why you want a job and how can you satisfy the employer with your work.

  • Don’t recite from the script

While the employer will watch your video they will mainly focus on your presentation, personality and the way you talk. So if never ever recite directly from the script you have prepared. Try to say as if you are saying on your own.

  • Good quality Video

Good quality video where the voice is audible enough and clear is more preferable than a video which is not clear. Bad quality video cannot attract the employers or recruiters. Some may not even watch your video fully if the video quality is not up to the mark.

  • Shoot properly and edit

You have to shoot the video properly otherwise the Video Applications can be surely a fail. Take as much as shot you need to take. After shooting it is better to edit the video properly. You can also go for professional editing with a professional video editor. This will make your application look more attractive.

Points to remember

You have to make sure that the video you are making are of good quality and also it is pretty much clear. In this digital age the new thing that has been added is a VCV or video CV through which recruiter directly gets an idea about your skills and personality. Make yourself very much representative and show your skills through the video.

So you have to be very fluent in your Video Applications and also make your pronunciation loud and clear enough so that the employers don’t face any problem in hearing. Dress well and sit properly to attract the attention of the  recruiters.


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