Is applicant tracking software, free for download?

applicant-tracking-softwareIn this 21st century, world around is changing very fast. In one way it is becoming more complex and in another it is getting simpler. The change completely owes to the development in the field if science and technology. A change has taken place in everything single thing on this planet. From the entertainment field to industrial field, from the appliances or gadgets to education, from money transactions to sales everything seems different and new as compared to earlier times. The advanced technologies which are being developed are playing a crucial role in the everyday life. In this article, you will be introduced one more application of technology in completely new field. In recent times, a software system named ATS or the applicant tracking software has been developed to take part in the recruitment field of a company. It may be surprising to many that this applicant tracking software is free on the web.

As you will go through this article you will be able to know more about applicant tracking software, starting with what is actually is.

About ATS

An applicant tracking software is basically tool software which is used by recruiters for easing their process and work of recruitment of applicants. The main aim or goal behind the development of the applicant tracking software system is just to make the whole recruitment process a simple one. It has the ability to filter out, sort and organize large no. of job applications and resume sent to the company. The applicant tracking software is free for download on the internet.

Some other functions of ATS

An applicant tracking system software or ATS also helps companies from the beginning of job marketing that is it helps putting up job advertisements on job related portals. It also helps in advertising the job vacancies of a company by broadcasting it on social networking or media websites.

Reason to have an applicant tracking software system

To make your company better you obviously need to hardworking, talented professional employees. Thinking or dreaming to get them and actually hiring them are completely different. To get employees the company actually requires from hundreds of applicants or candidates is a difficult job. The recruitment department of a company does this hard task. To help the recruitment department in their work, ATS software is used. Here is some detailed reasoning about why you actually need it – It is quite advanced and intelligent software and selects the resume of those candidates who have the desired or specified qualification for the job, the tools and techniques it uses makes the process easier to command and dead accurate, it saves the time of the recruitment department of the company and also the money of the company, it creates a database of the candidates chosen, the candidates rejected and the shortlisted ones. These infos can very vital for the company in the future and one doesn’t know what the time would call for. For those who need it, applicant tracking software is free to be downloaded.


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