5 Steps to prepare the best Job Video Applications

You are in an era where the digital media is overpowering everything. To keep yourself up to date you have to make sure that you are going with the flow. Nowadays people are trying out different methods to attract the recruiters. Making video applications is a new way which is totally different from that of the traditional paper CVs. Wondering how to make a video application for applying to job? Read on.


Steps to be followed

Here are some of the steps which you can follow to prepare the best video CV or resume for applying to job.

  • Do the planning

Before shooting you have to plan properly. Planning where to shoot, what to wear while shooting, whether to sit or stand etc are very important. So you have to make a proper planning. It is better to wear something formal. Video application is done mainly to represent your professional side where your personalities and skills will be shown directly to the employer.

  • Prepare a script

Preparing a script before shooting Video Applications is very important. It is important to make a script where you will make a chart and include all points that you have to mention in your CV. This includes your studies, experiences, skills, job background, and your willingness in certain fields and at the end why you want a job and how can you satisfy the employer with your work.

  • Don’t recite from the script

While the employer will watch your video they will mainly focus on your presentation, personality and the way you talk. So if never ever recite directly from the script you have prepared. Try to say as if you are saying on your own.

  • Good quality Video

Good quality video where the voice is audible enough and clear is more preferable than a video which is not clear. Bad quality video cannot attract the employers or recruiters. Some may not even watch your video fully if the video quality is not up to the mark.

  • Shoot properly and edit

You have to shoot the video properly otherwise the Video Applications can be surely a fail. Take as much as shot you need to take. After shooting it is better to edit the video properly. You can also go for professional editing with a professional video editor. This will make your application look more attractive.

Points to remember

You have to make sure that the video you are making are of good quality and also it is pretty much clear. In this digital age the new thing that has been added is a VCV or video CV through which recruiter directly gets an idea about your skills and personality. Make yourself very much representative and show your skills through the video.

So you have to be very fluent in your Video Applications and also make your pronunciation loud and clear enough so that the employers don’t face any problem in hearing. Dress well and sit properly to attract the attention of the  recruiters.

How To Prepare For An Interview

Heaps of errors can potentially be avoided if you know how to prepare properly when applying for a job. It’s common to make mistakes when you’re feeling uneasy. However, with some pre-planning and practice you can pass the interview with ease. Here are some ideas to keep you focused and obtain that position of employment:


Getting Too Personal


You don’t want your interview to look like this!

Don’t be too unprofessional during the interview. For example, telling your whole life story or ranting about your personal life in excess is inappropriate. Doing this can often make the person interviewing you uneasy or offend them. Try to stay on topic and answer the questions with an air of professionalism.


Not Reading The Signs


Every now and then the interviewer will try to help you out by dropping hints of what they want to hear from you. It’s crucial and in fact one of the best interview tips to notice these small signs, which can commonly be demonstrated in the form of specific question wording or subtleties in body language. The best way to respond to this is to consider what the employer might want to hear, and how they may hope to hear it.


For instance, a corporation such as a law firm or government facility is likely to want responses using the STAR method (Situation, Task, Action, Result) and a less professional workplace such as a cafe might desire a more informal situation for an interview. Just use your head, and if you have the resources find out from the company website or from employers who work there if they know which method is best. Often it pays to contact and question the person who is potentially hiring you and ask them what they would most like to hear.


Knowledge Is The Best Form Of Flattery


This could be you…if you show enthusiasm

To land the job you want, you need to show that you’re knowledgeable and are super keen on their business and values. Research the place before jumping into an interview with them. Workplaces take extra interest in you when you know small bits of information about them; it proves to them that you must really care about the job.


These points are just a few of the tips that can assist you to do your best in an job interview. Just remember to prepare, be attentive and when all else fails, use your instincts. Happy hunting!

Is applicant tracking software, free for download?

applicant-tracking-softwareIn this 21st century, world around is changing very fast. In one way it is becoming more complex and in another it is getting simpler. The change completely owes to the development in the field if science and technology. A change has taken place in everything single thing on this planet. From the entertainment field to industrial field, from the appliances or gadgets to education, from money transactions to sales everything seems different and new as compared to earlier times. The advanced technologies which are being developed are playing a crucial role in the everyday life. In this article, you will be introduced one more application of technology in completely new field. In recent times, a software system named ATS or the applicant tracking software has been developed to take part in the recruitment field of a company. It may be surprising to many that this applicant tracking software is free on the web.

As you will go through this article you will be able to know more about applicant tracking software, starting with what is actually is.

About ATS

An applicant tracking software is basically tool software which is used by recruiters for easing their process and work of recruitment of applicants. The main aim or goal behind the development of the applicant tracking software system is just to make the whole recruitment process a simple one. It has the ability to filter out, sort and organize large no. of job applications and resume sent to the company. The applicant tracking software is free for download on the internet.

Some other functions of ATS

An applicant tracking system software or ATS also helps companies from the beginning of job marketing that is it helps putting up job advertisements on job related portals. It also helps in advertising the job vacancies of a company by broadcasting it on social networking or media websites.

Reason to have an applicant tracking software system

To make your company better you obviously need to hardworking, talented professional employees. Thinking or dreaming to get them and actually hiring them are completely different. To get employees the company actually requires from hundreds of applicants or candidates is a difficult job. The recruitment department of a company does this hard task. To help the recruitment department in their work, ATS software is used. Here is some detailed reasoning about why you actually need it – It is quite advanced and intelligent software and selects the resume of those candidates who have the desired or specified qualification for the job, the tools and techniques it uses makes the process easier to command and dead accurate, it saves the time of the recruitment department of the company and also the money of the company, it creates a database of the candidates chosen, the candidates rejected and the shortlisted ones. These infos can very vital for the company in the future and one doesn’t know what the time would call for. For those who need it, applicant tracking software is free to be downloaded.

What is a recruiting tracking system and will it help your recruitment procedure online much easier?

The system of tracking online job portals can be done by a system called system tracking for an applicant or it can be also termed as recruiting tracking system. Under this system, a company launches this particular software which handles the recruitment needs of a company. This may seem easy but not at all an easier process. The software needs to be launched perfectly.


The procedures that are launched in this software are that it designs certain criteria seeing which the individuals post their jobs. They pay attention to:

  • Former employers who are working already and set examples of them.
  • Experience required for a job.
  • What is your academic and professional qualification, if any.
  • They are sort of search engines who hunt for appropriate candidates against vacancies in their companies.

The human resource department of a company generally handles the system of recruitment procedure. They shortlist candidates according to resumes that are mailed to them, call the candidates for interview sessions, after they get jobs they train them and guide them. The system happens in a step-by-step procedure.

The work of recruiting tracking system is not only tracking the procedures but it also includes interpreting the process through a defined flow of work. There are various advantages in this tracking system:

  • They analyze and interpret by working in a coordinated process and manage the cost of the individual.
  • They help the internal employees get chances to grow within the company rather than recruiting individuals from outside.
  • They help recognize candidates by their resumes posted and help in background checking of the particular candidate.
  • They also store data for future references.
  • They help in offline storage of data resume encryption that is often asked by laws of employment.

These systems are often marked as systems that recognize talents within the management in an organization and they are introduced by the help of any provider of that particular service or by any software launched in it. There will be a difference in amount among various providers but it is your duty to search the best one for you.

This system of recruitment using software is also used in outer countries where there are recruiting agencies and they use it for recruitment purposes with a number of options for the customers. There are two types of sources here. One is open ended and another is free sources of software process. Not only that there are paid sources as well.

Whatever you enter in as resume or job posting, everything is personal and needs secrecy. But don’t you worry at all. The recruiting tracking system will hold your entered data by a law which is called legislation in process of data. In that way your data will never fall into wrong hands.

So now when you are well accustomed to this tracking system, you can easily launch it in your company server and enjoy its services better!

Job Interview Tips

Heaps of mistakes can be avoided if you know how to prepare properly when going for a job interview. Making mistakes is easy when you’re nervous. But with some pre-planning and practice you can pass the interview with ease. Here are a few interview tips to keep you focused and obtain that position of employment:

Keep It Professional!

An example of an interview going wellDon’t be too unprofessional during the interview. For example, sharing your life stories or rambling on too much about personal details. Doing this can often make the interviewer uneasy or potentially offend them. Try to stay on topic and answer the questions with an air of professionalism and poise.

Not Reading The Signs

Every now and then the interviewer will assist you by giving you subtle clues. It’s crucial to respond to these small signs, which can sometimes be displayed in the form of body language and the wording of questions. The most ideal way to deal with this is to think of what the person hiring you might prefer to hear, and how they might desire to hear it.

For instance, a a corporation such as a call centre or bank might prefer questions answered in the STAR format (Situation, Task, Action, Result) and a less professional workplace such as a café might appreciate a more informal approach. Use your initiative, and learn as much as possible from their webpage or from existing company employees for the best result. Often it helps to ask the company who is interviewing you what they would most like to hear.

Prepare For Success Or Plan For Failure!

To land a job you have to demonstrate that you’re knowledgeable and are interested in their business and values. Learn more about the business entity before interviewing with them. Businesses are impressed when you are knowledgeable about them, it shows that you really care about the position.

These are just several hints that can help you do your best in an interview. Just remember to prepare, pick up on subtle clues and use your initiative. Good luck!